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Tandem Vault
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Plans start at 3TB.
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Each additional GB costs $0.75/mo. If you select our Enterprise Plan your costs per TB decrease as your storage needs increase.

Set-up & Support Options

Let the Tandem Pro Team make your transition to Vault quick and easy! We’re here to help you at the level at which you need it. Choose from our following Set-up and Support options:

Complimentary (free!)

For all of our new clients, we offer demos, workflow best practices and advice on how to get going on Tandem Vault.

Basic Setup (starting at $750)

Taxonomy creation and application, Collections creation and application.

Advanced Setup (starts at $2,500)

Upload organized assets, Taxonomy creation and application, Collections creation and application, Bulk-metadata entry, Permission Levels creation, License and Release Groups creation and application.

Continued Support

On-going archival support. Please contact us for a consultation and pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Tandem Vault been in business?

Tandem Vault was launched in 2011 by Ian Shive, its CEO and an award-winning photographer. It has remained a profitable, successful and privately-held company ever since, and currently employs 10+ team members.

Do you offer a free trial or demo?

Yes, we offer a free 15-day trial and no credit card is required to begin your trial. Contact to schedule a complimentary demonstration.

How do pricing and contracts work?

Tandem Vault offers two plans:

The Professional Plan does not require contracts or commitments. We offer a flexible month-to-month service that you can discontinue at any time.

The Enterprise Plan is an annual or multi-year contract that works best for large organizations. Pricing varies, so please contact a team member at so we can learn more about your organization and provide an accurate quote.

Do you offer discounts to non-profits?

Not at this time.

Is there a start-up or implementation fee?

Nope. Creating an account is free!

How do I create my account?

Setting up your account is as simple as going to sign up , filling in some information about your account preferences, and watching the tutorials in our Help menu to learn how to upload, organize, search, share, and more. If you run into trouble, contact a team member at

Can you help us migrate our content from an existing DAM or equivalent?

Absolutely. Please contact a team member at to learn more about complementary ingestion services.

How many users can I invite?

There is no limit on the number of users in an account and no extra fees for additional users or administrators. The more the merrier!

Do you offer branding services?

Yes, we offer several options for customizing your account to maintain consistent branding across platforms, including logos and email options. Professional Plan options are currently limited, but Enterprise Plans come with a robust suite of features and customizations.

Do you support international clients?

Yes. Non-English service is currently only available through our Enterprise Plan, however.

Who should I contact for help or training?

For general assistance or training, contact

For emergency assistance, contact

Which browsers work best with Tandem Vault?

For the best results, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox browsers. Tandem Vault cannot recommend any version of Internet Explorer. Try downloading one or both of the recommended (and free) browsers.

Are you mobile-friendly?

Yes, our service is compatible with mobile devices.

How secure is Tandem Vault?

Tandem Vault uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) because they hold the gold standard for cloud security and storage. Your assets are stored in S3 and backed up in Glacier. Once ingested, your assets are assigned a region in the international AWS network of servers and backed up through several redundant channels to ensure that the risk of loss or damage is minimal to nonexistent. To date, Tandem has held a perfect record for security and file backup. Learn more about AWS cloud computing at amazon.

What file types can be stored in Tandem Vault?

Tandem Vault accepts all known file types, including photos, videos, audio files, and documents.

Where are my digital assets stored?

Assets uploaded to your Tandem Vault account are stored in the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS). You can access your assets from any device, anywhere in the world, with an internet connection.

Can I share my assets with other users and third parties?

Yes, you can securely share your assets with other users and people outside your organization. We do not currently integrate with social media platforms, but it is something we are considering.

What search functions are available?

Every Tandem Vault account is equipped with global search and an array of advanced filtering options to ensure that you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Do you provide features for workflow support?

Yes, including collaboration with third parties.

Do you offer reporting or analytics?

Yes, we offer reports on usage, downloads, and users. You can download this data for offline analysis in both XLS and CSV formats.

Does Tandem Vault transfer metadata?

Yes, Tandem Vault accepts IPTC, EXIF, and R2D2.

Do you provide Single Sign-On (SSO)?

Yes, but this feature is currently only available to Enterprise clients.

What integrations do you offer?

Tandem Vault offers a robust open API. If you have questions about a specific integration or want to know how to use our API capabilities, please contact a team member at

How frequently is the system updated with new features?

We believe in constant self-improvement, so Tandem Vault is updated on a quarterly schedule, with smaller updates and fixes deployed as needed. Updates are based on DAM research and client feedback. If you have a suggestion for improving our service, contact us at

How do I shut down my account?

If Tandem Vault is not a good fit for you, shutting down your account is as simple as downloading your assets and informing a team member at so that we can issue your final invoice. Please note that this does not apply to Enterprise Plans, as they are based on contracts with specific terms. We are sad to see you go but wish you good luck!

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