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Tandem Vault
The best DAM platform available.

Professional Features

  • Hosted by Amazon Cloud
  • Access your files anytime, anywhere from your customized url
  • New features added regularly at no additional cost
  • USA-based phone/email support
  • Comprehensive file format support (all known file types including video and design)
  • Unlimited file size support
  • On-the-fly conversion to JPG
  • File transcoding
  • Support all modern codecs for storage and playback viewing
  • 2 options for downloading: original and H264 files
  • Drag & drop or navigate to assets on your computer
  • Option to submit a hard drive
  • Upload using Lightroom plug-in
  • Upload Sets and settings to organize assets right from the start
  • Unlimited Collections, Sub-Collections and Lightboxes
  • Existing IPTC metadata automatically imported
  • Edit existing/add additional metadata to single or bulk assets
  • Attach contracts, releases, etc. to assets via unlimited License Groups
  • Curate uploaded assets
  • Rank assets
  • Drag & drop reorder within Collections and Lightboxes
  • Create parent/child relationships between assets
  • Control asset versioning
  • Set asset expiration dates
  • Intelligent search-as-you-type
  • Advanced filtering
  • Keyword taxonomy and management
  • Universal metadata support
    • Enterprise-class control over user access to images (ripped)
    • Invitations to new users
    • User request/registration
    • Secure user login
    • Unlimited admin, editors, contributors, users
    • Unlimited role-based user groups/permission levels
    • Easily assign or revoke permission levels at any time (ripped)
    • Collection/Sub-collection permission levels
    • Website contents will change dynamically so end users only see images they have access to (ripped)
    • Download and usage requests
    • Assign collections to be visible by the public
    • Set the downloadable file sizes
    • Files can be watermarked upon download
    • Build custom lightboxes and securely share to users and non-users with direct links
    • Send high resolution files without email or third-party services
    • Customize download file sizes
    • Convert any original file to JPG on the fly
    • Download tracking and statistics for file sharing
    • Each asset has a unique ID number/web address
    • Add users as collaborators to custom lightboxes with options to view-only or view and edit
    • Assign users tasks within custom lightboxes
    • Email notifications and alerts to users
    • Download tracker including resolution stats
    • Non-linear audit log & undo functions
    • Usage reports by date range and file format
    • Detailed reporting by user
    • Logo
    • subdomain
    • Homepage image on public and private sites
    • Featured Content on your homepage
    • Featured Collections on your public and private homepage
    • Terms & conditions and Privacy Policy
    • Redundant Back-up and Data Protection
    • Network Protection
    • Federal Intellectual Privacy Act Compliant
    • Superior Security Monitoring

    Enterprise Account Additional Features


    • Single Sign-On (Google/LDAP/SAML/Active Directory)
    • Internal Authentication System
    • Third-party databases
    • Open API

    Expanded Support

    • Dedicated Tandem representative
    • Help establishing best practices for your organization
    • Assistance for initial file ingestion
    • Staff training and basic start-up and implementation
    • Support will continue throughout your relationship with Tandem.


    Tandem will initiate a formal process for enhancing the Tandem Vault application around your organization’s specific needs including customizations and expansions. This includes modifications to actively-deployed enhancements.

    Note: Customizations are subject to requirements overview and may be billed at an additional hourly rate.

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